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Get Rid Of Spring Pest

Spring Pest Are Here!

Have you seen more insects lately ? So have we. Longer than normal warm spells make insects go.. well… a bit crazy.

Just think about how you felt during our record breaking temperatures. Pests are no different. It forces their behavior to change and forces their populations to flourish!

And it’s not just ants and spiders that you have to watch out for. All sorts of insects will want to escape the heat and come indoors, while mice and mosquitos seek shelter and water in residential backyards.

Insects are generally cold blooded creatures, and temperatures tend to affect them differently than us warm blooded mammals.

When it gets hot, insects get active; oftentimes their life cycle would speed up, creating a population boom. One example is an ant colony. They will go into reproductive overdrive when threatened and they’ll do the same in extreme weather conditions.

In cases of extreme heat, bugs will also attempt to seek shelter in the shade of bushes, roots of plants, and unfortunately for us, within our homes.

Some creatures however aren’t simply looking for a respite from the heat. Mosquitoes for example use water as a breeding ground rather than drinking it. This is especially problematic for homeowners with pools or fountains.

Ants are simple minded creatures, and what motivates them typically (access to food and water) motivates them during warm weather dry or wet..

But why are they in your home? Food crumbs and open containers give them plentiful food sources and dripping faucets give them water..

What can you do to combat pests this spring ?

Natural pesticide sprays and traps are often a good option, but remember these methods will only slow them down, they won’t do anything for prevention.

Eliminate food and water sources

Use air-tight containers – they will have a hard time getting in . Fix leaky faucets.

Some recommend building moats around pet food. If you put your cat bowl on a plate with soapy water, the ants won’t be able to get across.

Clean behind fridges, and other places they’re likely to hide.

Seal pest entry points

Seal cracks and crevices in interior and exterior walls. And make sure they can’t enter in or around windows or doors.

If necessary change the types of household plants you own.

Replace plants in the house with ones that are more pest resistant.

Gels and Bait

The best defense against ants is the use of chemical gels and baits.

Place the traps in areas where ants are common and allow them to consume these baits. They can take these baits back to their colony and share it with the nest.

In Summary

Spring pests can be a nightmare if left uncontrolled. Pests are resilient and often hard to tackle without proper experience and know-how. If you find signs of an infestation at home, please reach out to us to learn about the various treatment options.  At Park Pest Control we guarantee to exterminate your pest and block their return.


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