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DIY or Preventive Pest Control

You keep your home clean and tidy, dispose of all leftovers, and take out the trash daily. Ensuring the house is vacuumed daily, and you keep the kitchen neat and free from crumbs. Still, you experience droppings, foul-smelling odor, smear marks, and destruction of your property.

The thought of pests and rodents contaminating your food and running through your home disgusts you, prompting you to seek a solution. You begin to search for DIY pest extermination methods to get rid of pests at home. After spending huge amounts of money on pest insecticides and DIY pest control methods. The pests took over your home and marked their territory. 

Unfortunately, this  would have been prevented if you had called Park Pest Control.

What is Park Pest Control’s Preventative Strategy?

Prevention is better than cure; the same applies to pest control services. A pest-preventative strategy is using proactive methods or steps such as monthly or quarterly visits to prevent pest from entering your home or business.  

This method is much better and less expensive. The pest will be stopped before entering your home keeping you pest free around the clock, while being much more cost effective than  waiting to call with each new pest problem. 

Park Pest Controls monthly or quarterly pest control services include a complete inspection of your home inside and out including the foundation, mulch beds and the surrounding environment before the needed treatment is performed. Your home will also be treated both inside and out including applying a chemical barrier around your foundation. Pests simply can’t cross our barrier.

This service not only eliminates any existing pest but prevents there return. Regularly scheduled service will allow your family and pets to relax in a safe, pest free home. We guarantee it!

Best of all the Pest Control Service is performed with products that are family and pet safe.

If you feel you have unwanted pest just give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your options.     


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