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Crickets in Severna Park

Hearing the cricket chirp outdoors in the summer is accepted and expected. Although crickets prefer the outdoors, when seasons change and temperatures drop crickets head indoors. They sleep in the day and spend the nights In search of warmth and food while chirping night away. While they aren’t dangerous the chirping may drive you crazy. A little known fact is that crickets will eat all most anything including plants, dead insects and many types of clothing.

In some cases the cricket is mistaken for its cousin the grasshopper. The easiest way to tell is grasshoppers hold their wings above their body in a tent shape. In general crickets have no wings, if they do, they are held close to their body. their body.

How do you know if you have crickets? You could find hole in your clothes, you could see them around the garbage can, or they could just keep you up all night chirping!:

Crickets can access your home through unsealed windows or doors, and thru openings for electric wires and cable.  Many times they take up residence in your garage thru an open door awaiting the opportunity to move in. First Park Pest Control will find the existing crickets and their home.  Our expert pest control technician will then exterminate all existing crickets. After exterminating them he will  find their access points and seal them to prevent any future crickets entry.. If you have crickets call the experts at locally owned Park Pest Control in Severna Park .


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